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Yenko Nova tech bulletin

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Marlin Spotts, of the Yenko Deuce Registry, sent me a scan of a pretty cool *original* document from Yenko Sportscars,'s initial purpose was to address insurance & advertising questions regarding the 1970 Yenko "Deuce" Novas, but I thought some of you Nova addicts might get a kick out of the last paragraph regarding current inventory...

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Neat letter Rob/Marlin. Something you dont get to see much of is DOCs from the Yenko Family and business.

Can i get a dozen of so of those Yenko Novas for that price? Know I could find a few drivers to pick them up for me as well :)

I know dreaming but oh well someday i just might get lucky and find a COPO Car someplace
I noticed the "For Information Contact Donna Mae Mims" on the bottom of the Yenko literature. Hadn't thought of her name in many years. Saw her drive at Sebring in the late 60's early 70's. Guess she was a Yenko employee at that time. My Dad took me to Sebring from probably '55 or so up 'til I was old enough to go by myself in '68--wasn't "cool" to go w/Dad. Didn't realize how much Chevy history I was seeing. SS Corvette in '57, Chapparal win in '64---the winged cars later, Yenko Stingers, Penske's #6 Camaro, SunRay Dx Corvette--maybe the first L-88 I think. Can't remember if the GrandSports were at Sebring or not.
Yeah, Donna Mae shows up in lots of the original paperwork...and if it's *her* handwriting, it will be in pink ink! Takes a lot of the guesswork out of who wrote what! LOL!!

BTW: the '69 Y-Nova listed is the car that currently resides in the Suydam collection.
Put me down for the rest of them if only a dozen are taken.

Probably be a few at The Forge Show in Nashville 21st Oct. Come on down and get ya one. Wish I could win that lottery.
There will be many real Novas there at the Forge including this 68 Dick Harrell 396 that just months old had an L-88 427 installed under warranty due to overheating of the 396. The first vintage photo is of the car and the second is how it sits as of right now. I can't wait to see everyone there.;topic=1954.0;id=1356;image;topic=1954.0;id=1355;image
That car is L88 in a Nova:thumbsup: What a beast that car must be...way freaking cool IMO.:cool:
This is a "dealer agreement" form I acquired from Kidder Knoepfler Chevrolet in Sioux City, IA. Pretty neat document. Dave
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This is the envelope the sales agreement came in, and a couple other pieces.Dave
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The topic or board you are looking for appears to be either missing or off limits to you.

Its somewhat frowned upong when a link is posted where it requires one to join another site in order to see it. You can drop the pic straight into the thread yourself so all can see if you so like.

Also since this is a dh car a new thread should be started since the orginal topic of this thread is Yenko Nova tech bulletin I also relize that a few of the posts within the thread stayed away from the topic but no more will be permittied.
I went back and looked at the magazines of the 5 show features and 24 car features in the last 2 years and rechecked.Yes all cars at my show are real.Get real.
HawaiianCamaro said:
But will they be REAL ones????
Jeff, I would prefer to post my pics directly as you have suggested, but do not know how. Can someone guide me through it please? I don't think you have to be a member of to view linked pictures? Dave
Dave Here are those "YENKO" that you were trying to get on to the site here to share with all. Everyone enjoy!!!!!!!!

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Guess i really stirred the pot a bit so Ill edit the post here and say lets keep it to the topic at hand. Rabbit as for the letter, nice to see that again since i forgot about that one, similar letters were sent out to a bunch of dealers stating the same thing.

Anyway back to Nova's guys.
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