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Engine specs:

402 bbc, bored .030, block not decked, actual L34 396 block
Speed pro .180 dome forged pistons, 4.154 bore
3964290 oval port heads, 2.06/1.72 valves, heads not milled, L34 heads
1.7 rockers
Performer rpm intake, 750 Holley v.s., Mallory large body HEI ingition,

TH350 trans, 4.10 gears, Hughes 3000 stall, pushing a 3800 lb (with driver) Chevelle equipped with power brakes.

Here's the deal: my current cam is a Comp hydraulic flat tappet, model XE284 with a 240/246 duration @ .050, .574/.578 lift. I want to replace it with a solid cam, prefferbly a roller.

I have been told as far as piston to valve clearance the duration of the cam dictates this more than the lift.

The cam I am looking at is a Lunati solid roller Voo Doo cam, p/n 60230. It has a 231/237 duration @ .050 and a .629/.639 lift with 1.7 ratio rockers. Lunaiti says it is a good cam for am 396/402.

I can't check my piston to valve clearance with this cam as I am in the middle east fighting a war and won't be home for months. My wife said I can spend the $$ now if I want to get this cam.

I'm wondering if the duration thing for the piston to valve clearance is true and what the chances are it would work fine in my engine without any mods other than new lifters and springs (already in check)?

My main reasoning for a cam swap: to gain more power while not being so tempermental and still having power brakes to boot.

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