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will 74 p/s gearbox fit a 69

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i was wanting to know if a 74 nova power steering gear box will bolt right up the frame on my 69,,and would it also use the same pitamn arm as well?
tx 4 the help
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Yes the mounting and pitman arm shaft will be the same.
The box will bolt right up. As long as your pitman is for power steering or you got the arm with the box it will work. There is a difference between the manual and the power steering pitman arm.
Wes This is a close as I can get to answering your question about converting your 69 to a tilt column using other GM cars as donors. All this info was gathered for doing a column conversion in my 75. You will have to measure and check a few things. There are only 4 places differences in the columns can occur in 69 - 79 GM cars. The length from the mount under the front of the dash to the firewall, the length from the mount under the front of the dash to the steering wheel, the splined end that sticks into the engine compartment and the plate that bolts to the firewall inside the car. Many columns will fit, but remember that some of the parts used in each one may vary slightly and replacement parts would need to be purchased for the car the column came from.
This photo shows the 3 columns I have to compare. The black one on the left is tilt from a 77 Nova. It measures 13" from the housing just under the steering wheel to the center of the under dash mount, and 15" from the center of the mount to the floor plate and over all is 32 1/2" from the housing to the end of the splined shaft . The blue one is a non tilt from a 70 Chevelle and measures the same and the brown one came out of an 82 Eldorado and it also measures close enough to fit. The Eldorado is a tilt/telescopic so the distance from the mount to the wheel can be varied about 2".
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Here is how the floor plate attaches to the tube. By removing the spot welds it can be moved to the donor column easing the installation. Agian this is for my 75, but your 69 should be similiar.
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Next is the end of the shaft. Splined with a pinch bolt/clamp type attachment.

And the Dshaped shaft with a thru bolt.

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Here are some shots showing the mounts and over all lengths of the shafts.
The Nova and Cadillac with the wheel all the way in.

The Nova and Cadillac with the wheel extended. The telescopic feature only changes the distance from the mount to the wheel.

These 2 columns can be interchanged with very minor work. The floor plate needs changed over and a a D shaped coupler for the end of the shaft.
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So take your tape measure under the dash of your 69 and measure the distance from the mount in both directions and the amount protruding into the engine compartment. Then go measure the shaft you PM'd me about. They will both have the same splined end and if you are lucky the same measurements from the mount.
I have a 79 Olds 98 I was going to measure, but there are too many spiders living under the dash right now. I would be willing to bet that it also will measure close to the same as the 75 Nova column. Many of the columns are close enough to work. I put a 69 Impala tilt column in a 74 GMC K1500 with no modifications needed.

One more item is the ignition switch mounted to the lower part of the column. The switches for tilt and non tilt are different, but the plug is the same. If you rotate the plug 180 degrees it wil plug right in.
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