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What is Your Favorite Muffler Brand?

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Okay, I am trying to stir up some conversation. So what is your favorite type muffler? What is installed on your ride?

I have a 3" Torque Tech exhaust sytem with an "X" pipe and Flowmaster Super 40's on my Chevelle! It is LOUD and OBNOXIUS and I love it. It turns heads with an evil sound.

I have a Flowmnster American Thunder 2 1/2" system with 2 chambers on my El Camino. It is nice and mellow.

The C-10 is still in build but will have 2-chamber Flows for sure with Rat Rod 4" tubes hangin' out the back.

I would post the voting graph in here if I knew how. Someone help me out here.
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When I had my 69 Chevelle SS I ran Thrush header mufflers
of course thats been a long time ago. But I sure Loved the sound ;)
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WOW, those are OLD SCHOOL! I love it!
Not a Nova but right now on the Camaro I have the Flowmaster American Thunder 2.5" system with H-pipe. I like it :D
2.5 inch mandrel bent pipe going into 40 series flowmasters dumped before the 9inch. i love it.
I have a 2 1/2" system with 2-chamber 40 series Flows on my Nova. Sounds Nasty/Wicked and I love it!
18 inches of 3 inch pipe leading to a 40 series Flowmaster dumping directly under the driver and passenger seats.
It depends, my Nova with the 327 has stock exhaust manifolds with 2 1/4 pipes into Flowmasters, I dont care for the sound at all, its not extremly loud just doesnt sound good. My Chevelle with a 427 has headers and the Flowmaster American Thunder system on sounds great, not "real" loud, just sounds very good.

It depends on the whole system.

Headman Header’s to a 3’’ exhaust ending before the rear axel at with a pair of Spintech mufflers.

It’s a little loud.
:beers: I use the Borla XR1 Race Mufflers. 4" inlet & outlet,with both off sets to the same side .

Don't get me wrong,I like & still use Flowmasters* on other cars of mine,including my pickup,but I got tired of all the cars sounding the same around town & at the track. I wanted a different sound for my Wagon.The Borlas have a deep raspy sound. Everybody knows its my car coming down the street before you even see it!:waving:

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I'd say it's a toss up between Flowmasters and Dynomax Ultraflows.

I like the sound of Flowmasters, but they obviously can't compete with the Ultraflows in the free flow department.

I have Flowmasters on both the Nova and the Chevelle.

I had a pair of Ultraflows on the Chevelle to shut it up when adjusting the rockers. They sounded mean as hell on WOT!

I couldn't reuse them with the current American Thunder kit that's on the car now, so I sold them. I'll probably buy another set later on to replace the Chokemasters...err I mean "Flowmasters." :D
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