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welded spider gears

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yeah or nay? I got antique tags, only drive 3 or 4 times a month. Its got roughly 425 horses and soon to have 4.10 gears, I dont mind a little "drifting" around turns, how bout some input..........
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I would say "nay". Since you are going to have the rear apart for the gear install, why not just get a posi and do it right. You don't want a solid axle on the street. It'll get you in trouble.

most of the time the spider gears will break when welded .as the other man said since you are having gears put in do a posi or locker .or you could use a mini spool the cheap way out but not recomended for the street
Bad idea on the street; you will break on axle then lose what left of the axle and tear up a quarter panel and if you are are lucky that's all you will tear up.
For the cost of the repairs when it breaks something, and it will, you could buy a nice Eaton posi and put it in.
This is very dangerous. There is a very good reason why the NHRA does not allow welded gears. You can not weld heat treatred steel and expect it to be strong. The gears will bust and you will tear up a lot of parts, and possibly kill someone.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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