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Nice cars in the photos. Mr. C. maybe instead of adding photos and waiting on back up and working on the next Vette Fest Maybe you should be spending the time to work on getting your own show up to par.

I'll see everyone back on the board for the real "american" musclecars on my site. WWW.DETROITHORSEPOWER.COM

Oh yea and Mr. Spotts it looks that by your remark earlier,

Today 09:40 AMYENKO DEUCE REGISTRYSome people actually own Supercars!

Mine is here, and it runs the number in the 1320!!
that you look down on probably 90% of the members of this site that do not own a supercar. So just continue as you do best .

Scott "Rabbit"
1 - 3 of 43 Posts
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