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weight reduction\ relocation

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What are the easiest ways to lighten up (other than fiberglass) a nova? I've got a 77, no back seat or rear interior, no inner fenderwells, nothing it doesnt need under the hood, no ac or heat of any type, no power steering, no power brakes, battery in the hatch\trunk. Im thinking of cutting out the bumpers with a hole saw -or- just cutting out a couple big strips across them, i really have no care as to what the car looks like, just as long as it does still ressemble a nova....... Id like other ideas, or to know if im the only one doing this...
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Replacing both bumpers with fiberglass will eliminate around 150 lbs. Replace all the glass with plexiglas. Get some nice forged aluminum wheels and loose another 70 lbs. Aluminum block, heads and intake. Replace the V8 with a 4 cyl.
Can't think of anything else right now.
4cylinder huh..... hmmm I'll guess my little 86 toyota truck doesnt need to
Inside the doors is a large channel as part of the door impact standards. I have heard they weight around 40lbs. You can also pull the rear window regulators out if the windows don't need to move.
I saw an early Chevy II drag car that the owner turned his two boys loose with a hole saw and drills. It looked like swiss cheese. I wish I had a picture of it. The doors were full of holes everything you could see that was flat had holes drilled in it.
i have no a\c and i drive this car wherever it goes, so windows need to go up and down, so the regulator has to stay, ive thought about making a steering column like the full race style, im sure it would easily be lighter
Some of the aftermarket front subframes are significantly lighter than the stock one! Not trying to insult anyone here, but if the driver is a larger guy that can afford to drop a couple of pounds.... Wear only your fire suit (nothing underneath), racing shoes, gloves, and find as light of a helmet as you can. Light weight tubular upper and lower control arms, Drag racing spindles, All aluminum Radiator, remove glove box door and put a piece of 1/16" thick Aluminum over it, remove the headliner if you have one, aluminum rims, remove any un-nessary electrical circuits (i.e: Dome light, trunk light, hood light, glove box light, ash tray light, associated wiring, and switches.), replace grill with a piece of cut perforated plastic. Just throwing some things out!
Thats funny, cause the driver is a larger guy that can afford to drop a couple of alot more than a couple.....:D
Rear side windows on 4th gen are fixed, so there isn't anything to remove there but if the panel is removed you will find the inner metal structure is solid. I pulled the panel on mine hoping to get access to fix a dent and was surprised to see it wasn't open.
antihuman81 said:
Thats funny, cause the driver is a larger guy that can afford to drop a couple of alot more than a couple.....:D
Well now the driver have a reason! Not only may the driver cut some time off their 1/4 mile speed due to physics, but I've also heard it can boost confidence and any time confidence can help in any competitive sport.:)
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