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Wanna be in the 2007 Nova Calendar?

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Hello all,

This is Greg Martin from and I'll be in the Oakwood, Georgia/N.E. Atlanta area this weekend (May 5-7) shooting at the ACES S.E. Chevelle Regional for future Chevelle calendars. While there, I'd like to shoot a couple Novas since this will be my only chance to be in the area this summer.

If you have a Nova (or Chevelle!) for consideration, please contact me via email so that we can work out the details. When you email me, please forward to me a picture or two and a description of your car.

The Chevelle Regional is taking place Saturday and Sunday on the Gainsville Community College campus. Since there are plenty of great spots to shoot on the campus, I figure on shooting everything there.

Thanks, Greg
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The closest I'll be this summer is Tulsa. Could you meet me there?

Good luck with your search for feature cars. I still look at my Nova calendar and can't believe it made the cover.

I'm still going to try and get dads 67 to you for some pictures. I don't recall how close to Omaha you will be or what the dates were.
Damn, can't make the 6 hour drive b/c of family stuff. How about a super chevy show (Gainesville's is 3rd week in October)
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