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Dose anyone have pictures of the SYC Novas at the VetteFest? Heard they had some awesome cars there! Great site guys.....
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The Gibb Nova display at VF, hosted by the sYc, was quite impressive. The Gibb Nova corral...

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For those who would like to see these cars, many others like them, and meet Helen Gibb in person, then do not miss SCR9.
Awesome pictures,love those Novas!! The 68 Novas are awesome,so few made especially the 50 Copo Novas!! Hey how many 68 Copo Novas have survived and been restored?I heard theres some SuperTuned Dick Harrell 68 Copo Novas with their original 396/375 motors and 3 that Dick Harrell actually put 427's in that survived,is that true?
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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