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Vac line

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On the Holley,which is the best place to hook up the vac line to the vac advance? There is a place at the bottom of the carb and one in the upper part?
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Wow, the suspense.
I thought the lower part goes to the trans (auto), pcv, and frenos (brakes)?

Yo, 69. I believe the lower ports are sucking on idle and the top ports suck on acceleration.
Wow, more confusuion or I am just an idiot? (I am leaving myself open to some serious smack talking if I am wrong).
Holley's website has the insrutions on there. I do not know why this site does not let me cut and paste the link here. It shows the distributor vacuum line to the top.
Well, like I said holley is showing you to connect it on top. It was my understanding that you want vacuum on acceleration for the dist. . But, hey it's only holley's instructions I am going by.​
69NovaSS said:
the ported vaccum is what GM and others switched too in an effort to help MPG and emissions(in the 70's sometime)....but based on the vacuum advance 101 thread at Steves it didnt work worth a damn...
I'll have to check that out. Hope you can find it Johnny, I am interested in that. Let me also, add that according to Aaron at Bad Ass Racing Engines he also hooks them at the top (I have a really good carb video from them).
I am not Holley either. So, there is your answer Jr. If, you want Holley's answer = top. If, you want the these guys answer = bottom (and, in no way am I saying these guys are wrong).
I own a Holley still in the box and to be honest I will try both and see wich one my engine likes.
Thanks for posting that Johnny I will read that later. I got an appointment to catch. Thanks, for refraining from the name calling. We have a chat room for that now.
SS<--- Who will have homework to do later today.
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1 - 8 of 29 Posts
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