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tuning cal-tracs

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Just wondering what tuning steps you guys running cal-tracs take......
Pre-load adj, upper, lower hole etc. trying to get this thing to 60 ft.
Any suggestions?
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72nova502, having the force transfer link in the UPPER hole provides a harder hit to the tires, whereas having the force transfer link in the LOWER hole provides a softer hit to the tires.

As far a preload is concerned, running a gap between the springs and the Caltracs provides a HARDER hit to the tires. The more turns you put into the force transfer link, the more preload you are putting on the springs, thus giving you a SOFTER hit to the tires.
72nova502 said:
Thanks WFO, getting the car out soon, so some tuning should be in order. Will try different settings and see if anything helps. Are you the same wfo thats over on steves nova site?
Yup, the one and only!
Repointer said:
I didn't see it mentioned, but make sure you have someone in the drivers seat that is about the same weight as you when you make the adjustments. I didn't the very first time around the block and they were way off. :)

Maybe it says that in the directions, but who reads stinkin directions.:D

Good tip from Ron about the short wrench, it is very tight under there.
Or, if yer like me and keep forgetting to make some short wrenches, I back the car up on the trailer ramps to raise it off the ground, then I can use my regular wrenches.
498Ron said:
I would think that would mess up the weight on the rear.....????

Why's that? They already have their initial setting, I'm just adding/removing a 1/2 turn or so of preload.
498Ron said:
Really worn out Hoosier 10x29 slicks.
I'm beginning to think not the best choice in the first place.....and definately bad when done.
Unfortunately I bought more..........

If the slicks are worn, you may just be spinning your wheels (pun intended). I know plenty of people hooking great with those.
1 - 5 of 29 Posts
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