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Trunk finish...

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OK before I make the trunk of my '72 look like a Camaro with aqua spatter I have to ask... How was the trunk finished off? Right now I want to say it looks like it was light grey with a light coat of white spatter. TIA,
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Still looking to find an answer... Someones got to know this...
Dennis They used both grey and aqua and it may have been factory specific. I can't say that all the Novas I have seen at the shows were correct, but most had grey and black and a couple were aqua and black.
Thanks Phil,

I actually just finished disinfecting the trunk with 409 and a soft brush after creating a dust storm with the air hose... :D There was a good deal of the orig black and aqua on the inner fender wells, the trunk wall and even some on the fenders when I got done. It appears to be the orig factory stuff so I'll try to match it...
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