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trim tag

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Hi, I just bought a nova and it has ss emblems on it. Can you tell me if it is a real ss? This car has front power disc brakes and power steering. But came with bench seat.

ST 70 11427WRN276674 BDY Vin 114270W304430
Tr 745 45 45 PNT
O4A G 2 0759

Thanks For Your Help!!!
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Welcome Darren. The VIN and trim tag will not indicate if it is an SS in 1970. It did come with a V8, was Mist Green, green cloth bench seat, built the 1st week of April at the Willow Run plant. The first Nova for the 70 model year had a 100001 vin number so yours rolled off the line 204,429 cars later :) An SS could have had a bench seat and disc brakes were optional on all the trim levels.
Hi Darren,
To determine if the car is a true SS, for a 70 ...

1. you'll need orignal paperwork such as the protecto plate, bill of sale or build sheet.
2. Or if the engine is the original (matching VIN number on the block as the car) and has the code for the 350 ci 300 hp engine, it is an SS.
3. Or if it is a true BB, it's an SS. But to prove a BB, you just about have to have paperwork there also.

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