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***The CDP Nova Stealth Street Fighter Engine***

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Dan and I finished the 408 SBC for his Stealth Street Fighter. We had a few combo changes along the way but now she is ready. We dropped the engine in Dan's '71 Nova last week. It won't be long now. 490 HP and 525 TQ is gonna be cool! :D

The Specs:

Custom CDP ported 192cc Super Flow heads with stainless 2.02/1.60 valves, Eagle performance crankshaft and SIR cap screw rods, HP spec block, Edelbrock Performer RPM Air-Gap PermaStar intake, 750 cfm double pumper carb, Edelbrock fuel pump and lines, Wild & Streetable Crane Cams Z-cam Series hydraulic roller cam and lifters, 10.25-1 KB hypereurtectic pistons, Speed Pro moly rings, Comp Cams Pro Magnum roller rockers and pushrods, ARP chrome moly fasteners, Claimer style racing oil pan and pick-up, 1-wire 160 amp alernator, Accell HEI with custom Moroso ignition wires and Hedman Husler Racing headers:

490 HP @ 6000 RPM & 525 Ft Lbs @ 4500 RPM

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Re: ***The CDP Nova Stealth Street Fighter Engine***

Sounds like a pretty stout SBC. What trans and rear gear are you using? Best of luck on the whole project. Joe Corl
Re: ***The CDP Nova Stealth Street Fighter Engine***

Is that Pontiac Blue I see their? I like Pontiac Blue. My 455 is probably going to stay Pontiac blue.:)
Re: ***The CDP Nova Stealth Street Fighter Engine***

The rest of the drivetrain consists of a TH350 trans with a 2600 RPM converter, and a 8.5 10-bolt with a spool and 4.11-1 gears. It should be very stout!

That engine paint color is actually bright Ford blue. The car is Primer Black with a bright blue interior.

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