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Team Nova Main Page opening problems

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AL, I saved the TN (Team Nova) home page and when I try to open it i get a generic page saying i can select the home page/classifieds or fourms. When I select Home page it goes to but wont open that main page. If I select Fourms it opens the fourms main page with no problem. Anyway not sure if others are having problems with the TN main page getting it to open of not
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Al when I follow the index link I'm getting the main page but I have to scroll down to see it. The top half of the page is white background but scrolling down the whole page is there...
DjD now I see that i also have to scroll down to the bottom of the page as well. I thought it just was freezing up on me and not open
Just went through all the other page links and the only one that doesnt load right is the Index page.
dang, wouldn't you know. I made a small change to get rid of the opening "intro curtain" and uploaded it before running out the door for work.

I see some code left that needs to be removed.

thanks for letting me know.

It should be working again.

All better now Al... Hey I have to say I kinda liked the "intro curtain" when I saw it the other day...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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