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Can anyone give me an alternative to powdercoating for the mustang II front end for my nova? I'm also putting a TCI 4 link on that is bare.
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I had alot of my suspension parts Ceramic coated and love the look. You could also have Epoxy primed and top coated any color you wanted. Should hold up wellfor a long time.
I ended up using POR15 It turned out good but thanks for the replies.
Powder coating isn't that hard. You just have to get on oven big enough to fit the part. I'm just starting out with a small oven. You should really look into giving it a try. I think it's kinda fun to work with.
I've look into powdercoating but I just don't have the room for an oven. Some of my parts are powdercoated but the POR 15 seems to have a much harder finish doesn't scratch near as easy.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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