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"Strut bar eliminator Kit"

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I just found this Kit that eliminates the strut bars and gives more clearance, anyone familiar with this set up, for 62 -67 by "CCP" ?
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are ya talkin' 'bout the new tubular a arm kit ???

from feedback from guys who've already got it installed... it's a Great set up...
is this the one yer referring to ??? this is the kit i was commenting on... hope i helped :D
thanks 64 FREEWAY FLYER, I was thinking about this set up in conjunction with a Disc Brake install, for my Wagon. I did not Know you were reffering to it, ah, but I do see the link, and thanks again. this should hold MY 350 planted on the street
i guess the kit's only been out a few weeks... a few guys have installed it already... here's an install write up a friend did... check it out...

hope it helps ;)

Johnny :D
Hey, Shifty-one I checked out that last link "Webshots".....GOOD STUFF It showed a Deluxe KIT the priceing is pretty reasonable, thanks MOJO64DEUCE
Re: CPP "Strut bar eliminator Kit"

Perfect for the guy (like me) that does not want a front clip. No offense to TCI, Alston or any of the fine $3000 front clip manufacuturers. They seem real nice but I gotta keep real world budget.
The CPP tubualr A arm/ front strut eliminator is perfect for buildinga quality front end slowly. It's is sooo old school cool too.

Looks good to me, too. Apparently, they are working on an upper one, too.

Dan (it just gets better and better);)
Just finished up installing mine, and it is worth every penny! Major difference in ride quality, and just an overall "solid" feel to the front suspension. Dont hesitate to buy the kit, you wont be dissapointed.

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I highly recommend this kit- especially for the price.

Thanks Johnny :thumbsup:
I am next in line for this kit. I have a brand new suspension under my car. Every inch is new and it still drives like Sh#%t!
Wished this would have come out a long time ago!
I have all of the GobalWest front suspension...
wish I would have this instead!

I'm a new member here looking for information.

Mark also has a wealth of knowledge but the site is down temporary. We need to get this site busy with threads too. Welcome.
Thanks Funky!
We've talked before over at Steve's... waiting for that site to come back to life.

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