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Stolen race car, keep your eyes open

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I saw this on Steves Nova site, really sad. Maybe someone will see something.

My Name is Shawna ficco and we need your help to find are car. Yesterday are whole trailer, car, and all the things we have accumulated over the years of Jr dragster racing was stolen right in broad day light from are house in Fairfax Virginia. We lost everything and we just want everyone to help us locate it or at least make sure who ever took it is found and punished for this. If you could send the word out for us that would be great or even post is on your websites. It was a 24" enclosed trailer (black) with badgirlracing written on it, it was a timber wolf trailer. Inside was my 2001 hardens slam Jr dragster black with maroon flames with badgirlracing written all on it. On the car was a 3 1/2 rhino by metro racing and also there was another metro racing engine in the trailer. It has all are items from over the years in it added up to about $30,000 in parts,tools,car,pit vehicle and a lot more we would love your help in locating it so please help spread the word
Thanks so much,
Shawna ficco
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