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Stock Mono Leafs Spring Rate

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Does anyone know what the stock mono leafs for a 1970 Nova spring rate was? I sheared the centering pins off mine this past weekend and to get new ones ordered Calvert is telling me they need the exact weight of the vehicle and front to rear ratio. I have no idea what is either and seeing how the car is on jack stands and no rearend under I have no way to weigh it to give them and idea. I was looking at the 175# Mono Leaf they offer but not sure if it would be to stiff and make the back of the car sit higher which I don't want to happen.
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i don't have the link handy... but didn't "NovaResource" have that info ???

tryin' ta help ;)
Did you ask John that question over on his site (DragStuff)??? David Lemmond might know too:
IF I took a guess, I'd say 126-140 lb rating.

I have #225 Landrums on mine, and they sell them the same way I believe Calvert does: by car and by the weight front & rear.

I've got original GM #s and what the max weight listing was available if needed. Let me know what's been changed in the car and maybe I can help.

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