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Car belongs to my wife, hence the screenname but I'm the one who signed up and I'm a transplant from TC (DUKE 69). I'm also the one who is doing most of the work, hence the ?'s.

Is there a place where I can find the correct finishes (degree of gloss) on the Novas? Seems to be lots of info around for Chevelles but I haven't been able to find such info for Novas. Stuff like the subframe, underhood area, etc. I would assume that they are similar to the A-body cars since it is still GM. Would I be correct to assume the same for the suspension also?

Just for info, the car is a #'s matching SS, orig. from Calif. I bought it for my wife as an anniversasry gift back in '93 and up to now, all she did is drive it. It has 100,000 miles on it but it is in pretty good shape. Did my Chevelle over and it took 4 yrs. Hope to do this one quicker. TIA for your help.
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