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Starting my 64 Chevelle (video)

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Well i've been working on this 64 chevelle off and on for about 2 years ( it's hard to put a car back together that was stollen and stripped from you!!!). i finally got to hear it make some noise!!!! it's not ready to drive yet but with a battery on the floor, a small fuel pump, and a gas can, she runs!!!!

It's a .030 over 400 with an ohio steel crank, eagle H-beam 5.7 rods, 14:1 pistons, motown 220 heads, the cam is a solid roller herbert 261-270 @ .050 .625 lift 106 lobe center, super victor dominator manifold, 1050 hp series dominator on top.

I wish the sounds was a little better. now i wonder what it would run in the 1/4?????

let me know what you think??? thanks for all the help.......steve

[ame=""]YouTube - Starting up my '64 Chevelle[/ame]
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Looks GREAT and sounds even BETTER !!! :thumbsup:

ummmm... i'm thinkin' yer water outlet has a BIIIIG leak though :rolleyes: ;)
LOL... ya it has a biiiiiig leak. its called " i need money for an aluminum radiator "
Nice! but I have a question.............did U say 91 oct? Or did I not hear U right?
ya 91 oct. i wouldn't try and race it on 91 but to start it it's fine. now it has 14:1 pistons in it but the large duration of the cam kills that compression some.
Ok, that makes more sense to me. For a second there I was thinking WT>?
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