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So you like Nova's ?

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Been a little quite so need to make some noise.
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I must be doing something wrong but I cannot get the mpg to work...I even downloaded it and still couldnt get it to work....Hmmmmm...I wonder if Johnny Nukem has been using my 'puter lately?:clonk:
That was sweeeet!!
Nice car, too bad he broke out. .01 :( Still amazes me the consistency some people are blessed with.
That's what I like about Nova's! You'll see more Novas standing tall on two legs than most other cars at the track! What type of power does that thing have? I would like to be able to get my nova on its rear wheels at launch when I'm done with it. It will probably be a little tuff to do with a naturally asperated 402 BBC, but I think do able.
Very nice! I love the Dark blue paint. Thanks :beers:
That was cool...any one else have videos like that.? Post them if you have them...Love watching those..
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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