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Small block 262 - ChevyNova 64

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I have one SB 262 (bore = 3,67 in and stroke = 3,1 in.This engine is 110 hp originaly, and hte compression rate about 7,7 : 1.
I have one SB 262 (bore = 3,67 in and stroke = 3,1 in.This engine is 110 hp originaly, and hte compression rate about 7,7 : 1.
My question is :

1- How I coul´d do in order to improve this compression rate to 8,5 - 9 : 1 ??? I had dificulty for find especials pistons for this engine....

2 - If I decide rebuild the engine to change it for 305 (cid) what I need to change ??

Thank You!
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marc, (?)
You cannot make that engine into a 305. YOu would have to bore it too much and change the crank. If you want more power, you would be better off finding a 350 or 305 to start out with.
I Would Swap The Engine ,a 350 Core Long Block 4 Bolt Can Be Had For 75 Bucks. If You Want Power Then Dont Waste Time With Trying To Get Alot Out Of A Little . Do Your Self A Favor And Build At No Less A 350 With A Mild Cam And A Decent Set Of Heads And Intake And You Will Be Way Happier Than You Would Be With A Small Motor
Second the motion. :thumbsup: Call for fixed time for adjournment. :p

Big dave
The 262 V-8 motor came out around the 1976 time frame. Usally found in Malibus, Monza...etc. I would reccomend that you either find a 305, but I think you would be much happier with a 350.
Thanks ! Guys...but, let me explain one think : here in my country - Brazil, the prices for the old´s 350 is around ( +- 5000 US$) - cost very high !!!plus the cost for rebuild it... about 1000 US$ - in resume, if I work in my 262 - I will use 1000/2000 US$ and I will happy ! I hope !

I saw that the block of 262 is the same block of I wil try change the pistons - put original 305 model - and put a crankshaft of 305.Change the cams....and....holley 600 ...airintake perform......
262 V8 Bore 3.671" Stroke 3.10" (5.7" rod)
305 V8 Bore 3.740" Stroke 3.48" (5.7" rod)
The only internal simularity is rod length. The 262 V8 does not use the same bore as any other V8 or use te same crank as any other V8.

About the only way you will be able to increase compression is to have a special set of pistons made, deck the block and shave the heads, and use the thinest head gasket you can find. I would contact a major piston company and see what they can do about making you a custom set. Even if you need to contact a piston manufacture here in the states. I am pretty sure they may accomodate you in making something you want.
If the problem is import tariffs; :angry: as I recall, they are a little more lenient about agriculture imports (lower tax rate). If you know someone in the country (even tax collectors know combines are not used in the city :p ) you could have a short block shipped in as a replacement for one used in a combine or other piece of agricultural equipment that doesn't need to be rebuilt. They are much more tolerant of parts for repair than they are for fully assembled engines that could possibly be diverted to pleasure use.

Just a though. :confused:

Big Dave
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