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Shifter help for 1970 nova

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Has anyone tried changing a column shift 1968-72 nova to a factory style floor shifter? Need help with linkage setup. Thanks Kyle
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I have a powerglide column shift 1970 nova. I bought an original 1967 camaro powerglide floor shifter. I also bought a 1968-72 console for shifter. I still need floor hump and linkage to attach it to tranny. I'm not sure if linkage that is in car now will work the reverse lights and coloumn. I also don't know what linkage to use for tranny .I've heard that column shift cars trannys are set up for linkage that comes from the front of the car back, But floor shift cars linkage comes from back to front. Meaning the pan might need to be dropped and the internals for linkage switched around. I'm not sure. I really want a original looking floor shifter in car. Any help or experience with this would be greatly appreciated. Kyle
Thanks so much. My shifter does have it's own switch. I will probably have to find actual linkage from an original floor shifted nova. I'll let you know how it goes. I think alot of people have cloned ss cars, so it should be able to be done. Thanks again. Kyle
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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