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Good evening all. I have been experiencing a issue as of late with my idle running about 1300 rpm after I start driving the car. I have a SBC 400 with a new MSD (a few months old. It worked fine until now) distributor (Non HEI). Transmission is an M21. If I start the car and let it warm up, It’ll idle around 850 or so. Then, as I begin to drive the car for just a few minutes, and put it into neutral, the RPMs will hover around 1300 and slowly decline down to 1100 after about 60-90 seconds. However, if I keep the car in gear and let the RPM run down to about 1000, it’ll rise to about 1050 or so when putting it in neutral. My timing is set to 12 degrees initial and 32 @ 3500. Does this sound more like a carb issue or perhaps the distributor may not be retarding the timing as it correlates to engine RPM?
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