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Roll Cages..

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I am installing a 8-point cage in my 73 and I need to know how you guys connected/welded the cage to the body. I will be racing in NHRA and need to follow their guidlines. The rulebook says I can weld it to the rocker sill with a slag of 6"x6"x1/4" metal. Can you guys give me suggestions, pictures, insight, and more information on your whole roll cage setups? I plan on buying a Comp Engineering kit from Summit Racing specifcally for our Novas.

thanks alot!
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When I got my '63 it had an 8 pointer in it. The tubes ended in 6X6 1/2" steel plate. There was a matching plate on the underside of the floor for each one. So the floor was "sandwhiched" between 2 plates and the tubes were welded to the top plate. 4 large bolts held each "sandwhich" together.

The cage has since been cut out and is in cold storage for possible future use.
I am adding subframe connectors but it runs through right in middle of each floor pan, the main hoop wont weld to it because the subframe connector will sit too far in. On my Nova the rocker sill slants down and is boxed in, so could I just weld a plate to follow the sloped contours of the floor, and then cut the main hoop at an angle so it will sit straight up?

If the car has subframe connectors the cage must attach to them.I put 2x3 connectors with 2x3 connecting them to the rockers and the cage attaches to them
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