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Ok, so I just started to have a problem in my '68 nova with a 230CI engine and 2 speed auto tranny (4 door if it matters).

Anyways, I was driving along a while back and when I let off the gas, the engine RPMs didnt drop...If anything they were still climbing, and I had to kick the pedal for the engine speed to drop.
It stopped acting up for a while and I had basically forgotten that had happened until yesterday when it started doing it again, and quite often, sometimes even kicking the pedal didnt help. At this point I parked the car. I figured I was in need of a new accelerator cable, but upon further inspection it looked and felt just fine...

Now Im not a carburator guru at all, but when this happened the choke wasnt stuck on or anything and from what I can tell all the carburator linkages were attached and functioning.

Is there anything on the carb I should take a closer look at, At this point Im sure there is something sticking but I dont know what to go after.
What should I look for???

Thanks in advance.
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