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rear leaf bushing question

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my recently acquired 70 BB nova has a setup on the rear leaf springs that I am not sure is nova specific or some custom deal. The rear shackles or braces that attach to the leaf in the back are 10 inches long with three holes oriented at the bottom for height selection. Mine is in the bottom hole which jacks the back up a little. outer distance from brace to brace is 41/8 inches and the inner where the bushing fits is about 3 3/4 iches.

My question is moog or somebody sell bushings to fit that ? everthing else is in good shape and I really do not want to pull the trigger on a big buck rear suspension change yet. I want to study it further. It has traction bars on five leafs right now.

Of course one more shade tree mechanic question. Has anyone pressed those rear bushings in and out while the fronts are still attached? Im thinking the hole deal has to come of to just do the rears. Or take em to a shop and pay the labor. Last front end I did I wish I had jobbed it out.

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Those are probably adjustable shackles and the bushings should be the same. The bushings should come out without having to remove the whole rearend. Hope this helps.
any advice on how to preload those springs with jacks or blocks to get the old bushings out. If its too hairy or dangerous to do it in the garage Ill take it to a shop

Just need to jack up car and put a jack stand under both sides of the car by the front rear spring eye. You can then remove the aftermarket shackles one at a time and bore additional holes to lower the car back down to normal and saw off the excess. Reinstall and do the other side at the same height. Shouldn't be dangerous as car is supported by jack stands and weight of rear is supported by the other spring.

Big Dave
Following Daves lead use the floor jack under the shock plate to take some tension off the shackle you are replacing. I would buy new stock shackles or something like the hotchkis shackles for some additional strength. The bushings go into teh frame rail and spring eye, they don't really have anything to do with the shackles. If the ones in yours are not too bad you don't have to touch them. If you do the uppers may be a bitch to get out but once you do clean the pockets with a scotch brite pad and lube them up before trying to install the new bushings. Same for the spring eyes...

If the new uppers are really tight verify you have the uppers and lowers correct. From there use the shackles and a bolt and washers to press the bushings into place.

Now the real caution: A lot of times those shackles were used more as a way to avoid replacing bad sagging springs than as a mod to lift the car... Typically it resulted in jacking up the rear so be prepared to have a droopy rear end just in case...
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one more rear bushing question

In reference to the earlier topic on replacing the lower rear leaf shackle bushing. Having the traction bars do I mount the two jacks under the traction bars orientated under the axle? Or moving them up or back make a difference. Rest of the deal I got a handle on. Im assuming the traction bars can handle the jack weight.

Thanks for the responses.
Re: one more rear bushing question

I wouldn't put the jack under the traction bar, move it back and place under the spring or under the axle tube.
Re: one more rear bushing question

time limited today but jacked the nova up with different jack positions and stands. Did not try the traction bars as noted. A stand under each leaf just on the backside of the axle tube worked best. Looks like I will have to lever a bit on the rear leaf mount to neutralize the tension. Also going to do upper and lowers on both rear shackles to keep the boxing the same.
upper and lower bushings rear leafs complete

It can be done by yourself but recommend two people. The use of a 4-5 ft pry bar and some wood blocks make it a breeze. The talented mechanics its probably no big deal but if someone is venturing to do this job I can be specific. I had longer than stock shackles so it was more of a bear and did it without removing the traction bars.

Thanks for the inputs.
Re: upper and lower bushings rear leafs complete

You are welcome. That is why we are here; to share our knowledge. No need to reinvent the wheel; and even the most seasoned and learned member here has made gaffs that are to embarrassing to mention at one time or the other.

Big Dave
70ssBB I merged these together to give this problem some continuity from the start to the finish. It will help those searching in the future to find the same answers you have.
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