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ram air \ cool air intake?

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Anyone done this on a nova? I have no inner fenders up front and im thinking about fabing a ram air setup starting under the front bumper on the driverside, running a 3" tube to a high flow filter and then to a carb bonnet\hat, looking for input on that and i have a couple ?'s in the drivetrain section too...... Thanks all
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i'm going with a Ram-Air set up... had the core support mod'd for dual 4" inlets... one each side of the radiator...

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I have a Ram Air system on my '70 Nova. There are pictures of it on my webshots page (link in my sig). The company to check out is

This is the one I prefer:

It is the plenum air cleaner...air is pulled from the cowl itself below the windshield.

Since my fire wall has holes in that area, it just makes it easier to cut...although the ~900 dollar price is too much too stomach!

take a look at the ram air box site that was posted above... isn't the part #14x3C similar to what yer lookin' at at the crossram site ???

cool stuff by the way, and yes, a bit of change for what they have.... i bookmarked it in case i win the lottery ;)
Shifty: Similar, but one is OEM styled and the other follows the same functionality.

I prefer the authentic although I would image the aftermarket is more power producing and certainly better HP for the dollar.

i have a 77, so my core doesnt have room on the driverside, i thought about doing something like that on the passenger side with a single 4", but wasnt sure if it would flow enough air
Hey TJ what kind of hood are you using with your set up?
Nice work,looks great.
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