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question, 76 nova coil springs compatabillity

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im restoring a 76 nova
i need to replace the coil springs
the car has a 250 eng in it
i eventually will put a 350 in it
so i want to use the heavier 350 springs in it
will they fit without modification or
changing the control arms
any help of info please
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Because the L-6 is longer, than the more compact V-8 there was more weight forward of the car's Cg than with the V-8. Even though the V-8 out weights the L-6 it has more jounce than the V-8. To compensate for the difference in dynamics the six spring is wound of a smaller gauge wire than the V-8 so it has less pounds per inch of compression, but they make the spring taller more coils per inch to compensate (it gets progressively stiffer as it is forced up in compression). This is the spring to use if you want a fast front end rise with a V-8 (for weight transfer when drag racing). Or if you want a killer (low rider) stance when using a big block.

If you swap out the spring for the future V-8 with the L-6 you will get a harsher ride until you add more weight over the nose.

Big Dave
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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