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Project Wicked 383 is underway

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Started tearing down the beater 350 in preparation the Wicked 383 build-up. She's gonna be a wild one for sure!
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looking good looks like your car finely got enough front end separation...its sitting pretty high now:rolleyes:
novaboy009 said:
What's going into project wicked 383? Crank, pistons, rods? Geez... I'm gonna really have to spray the BLS with this new motor in the works;)

Sheeeeeet theres no need to spray the crap outta the BLS to beat the 383 of Dave's just drop a handful of 1/4" fine thread nuts down the throat of his carb when hes not looking...that should level the playing field:D

No I'm not,
Yes I am,
No I'm not,
yes I am.....:rolleyes: :)
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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