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Please help.newbie

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I came here via your sister site due to my dilemma which until about 2 minutes ago,was just that. I have a 70 chevelle clone, I must make sure I say that, you can be tared and feathereed for that..... enough said.. I have a set of previously unidentified buckets that now have been identified as a 66 nova. I am looking for seat coivers and maby tracks. Can someone tell ne where to look. I checked out some, grd. up. but I need a photo to be certain.. Any help for a chevy brother .. Oh here is my ride.
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cant seem to losd the pictures,sorry. phil
so your buckets have a metal back with no seat back lock button?

I would suspect you would need Chevelle tracks to make it work properly in your car.....BUT if they currently have tracks you could just fab up some mounts to make it work in the Chevelle shell..

Now I "think" classis industries might have the tracks cause I know they sell everything you need to make bucket seats from scratch(frames, padding, springs, etc, etc)...its just big $$$$ to do it that way
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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