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Please explain the use of a "stall convertor".

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Please explain the use of a "stall convertor".

I have a question.

What is the advantage of having a stall convertor over a non-stall? Exactly, what does it do, and does it help in any way?

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Re: Please explain the use of a "stall convertor".

The reason you go ten feet before breaking the tires loose is because it takes that amount of time to get the engine up into it's power band were it then generates enough torque to overcome the static friction of the tires. There is nothing wrong with your set-up from an engine transmission point of view.

If you find the tire smoking thing unacceptable; it is time to make the suspension work. By transferring more weight to the rear and planting your tire, and controlling engine torque with a CalTrac or similar traction bar you will limit wheel slip; larger stickier tires wouldn't hurt either. Just be prepared for something else to break when traction isn't your weakest link.

Big Dave
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