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Pics of the new Vector wheels

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Here's some pics of the new Vector wheels American Racing is releasing in January. It is pretty true to the originals. These shots were taken by Travis Bell who was at SEMA for the release. I have a group buy going on these so if anyone wants in email me at [email protected] . Retail is around $175 each, not including our discount. Currently have 229 wheels on the list.

Here's the link, click on the blue text Vector.
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So I take it now those who are building a General Lee clone won't have to search high and low for a set of the original rims used on the General Lee's?

Travis Bell....that name sounds familiar....isn't he the Indianapolis disc jockey that paid $27k to see a junk '68 Charger transformed into a General Lee clone and then jumped over the same '74 Dodge police car used in the last jump scene in the first Dukes episode "One Armed Bandits"?
Unlike the Cragar SS, Torque Thrust, Radir, and Halibrand wheels, that Vector wheel really shows its age IMHO. Each to his own, but after seeing the "new and improved" version, it really doesn't look that different than it did in '79 or whenever it first came out. This isn't to say that it needed to be different, but again, its not a timeless 5 spoke variant of some kind. Again, JMHO.
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