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[Pic] Awesome Nova from HorsepowerTV

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Not mine - wish it were :)

I usually go for the plain look, but this one has always stuck in my mind since I first saw it on TV

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That is one wild paint job...I normally like them a little more sedate than that one...but with that said WOW I would love that car.:thumbsup:
grag said:
It is not paint. It is printed vinyl.
Ahhh so it is like a big sticker / decal?:)
Yep, If I remember correctly they covered the entire car.
I tried contacting APE to do a decal for my cowl hood. Try are very busy and I had a hard time communicating with them. There stuff is very cool though.
Here is another picture (I was going to post it with the first one, but the picture was huge and took some time to resize)

I like the looks, but the price is very high (about equivalent to a similar paint job). The 'sticker' part I'm not comfortable with yet - would have to see one in person and its long term durability.

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It just doesn't seem to run to it's full potential, to date best time is 10.20. I really thought this car would run well into the 9's.:boring:
i watched the show sunday and they said it was spinning all over the place and they just could'nt get it to hook at all???
I wonder how much that sticker job costs? They wanted $300 to do my cowl hood.
I think I remember them saying it costs around $5000 for the sticker job. You couldnt get a paint job like for that money.

3M Has done some stuff at my work....looks Good......I dont know how it would hold up on a car though.
it's nice but it's a little too "busy" for my tastes.

70's flashback..

it looked pretty cool without the sticker, but i suppose the company that made it is an advertiser, so they kind of had to put it on there..
Yeah I actually think the all solid black paint job looked better.

Shoot I think the car looked better before they cut it all up.
i know this is an older thread, maybe i can resurrect it ??? :rolleyes: :D

i believe some of the CUP cars do their schemes that way... i know OL'DW's chrome Chevy was a big sticker... lotta work i'd imagine ;)
I used to lay vinyl for a sign company. I hated laying down graphics on vans and such. It must be 10 differant kinds of suck to do a whole car.
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