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Recently acquired a low mileage, original condition four door. I've jumped into this situation with very little knowledge about the Chevy II / Nova cars, but quickly learning. Right now I do not wish to deviate much from its original configuration unless necessary.

It has been parked for maybe 30 years. Everything in intact. It has very old bias ply tires which hold air, but are certainly not safe at this point.

It has 13" wheels, tire size b78-13 which should be the same as 175-80-13.

There does seem to be much more availability of 175-70-13 which should fit but have reduced diameter

I've found Milestar brand radial tires online in this size. Everything else found is for trailers.

I have found Coker Tire offers some tires that should work, but they would be very expensive.

What might be the best plan?

1. Order the Milestar brand 175-80-13 radials
2. Get 175-70-13 radials with slightly less overall diameter
3. Get some 14" wheels and maybe a more common tire size
4. Go with the expensive vintage style tires

I'm leaning on whatever is the cheapest and easiest thing to do at the moment; the car needs plenty of other work to be done to make it operational.

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From what you say about the condition of your '62 Nova and your desire, please read this... https://92258f2c-35aa-4efe-a37c-ec3...d/f7a056_df93e86b7cad4c3682f50016413f97cf.pdf

If you would take this route, even pay close attention on how to clean the car for keeping originality. Acquiring an original condition car is rare. I would encourage you to keep your Nova unrestored and original as possible. The preservation of originality has significant value that increases. Congratulations on acquiring this car!
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