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ordering 2 q-panels soon........HELP!

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:confused: ...I DONT WANNA HACK UP MY 69..if im going to instal 2 rear quarter panels.....i need some killer instructions....any actual body techs???
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Killer instructions will only do a portion of it. If you have not done metal work before you really need someone to look over your shoulder and help out. I hung both quarters, a taillight panel, both outer wheel houses on my car and that was the largest thing I've ever done but it's all coming out just fine and better than factory and what a body shop would do. One thing I have is time to do it and if I have to, take a break and come back at it fresh.

Some sites I have come across concerning panel replacement:

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hey thanx for the help reaserchin that stuff...i think ill have to wait on the resto of the nova till i gat back home. to about 10 mins away from classic i might as well wait till im home for the rear...ill restore the front while im on the east coast...when i get back home i just need to put the drop kit i got for my short bed on then go pick up some panels for the nova.........and i still need to install a 350 turbo onto my
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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