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This is my pal Jeff Bushey He owns Jeff's Speed shop in Brandon Florida which has been here for a while because I bought stuff from Jeff thirty five years ago when the two Carter AFB's you see on top of the GMC blower were still on a SBC front engine rail Jeff ran. The Fuelie heads were put out to rust about twenty-five years ago, and yes that is a Corvette 11" aluminum bellhousing behind the Vertex Mag. You can tell only ricers and honest racers come by here now a days as some of you Numbers matching guys might want this stuff.

Let me show you around. It is dark in his old garage behind his home/place of business; so I apologize for the blurry pictures. It is too crowded inside for a tripod, and I can not even squeeze down some of his aisles. Here we are at the garage door Next we look above the roadster and see a Pontiac Ram Air phase IV head, next to see some more Pontiac, Olds and SBC heads which are sitting next to some more BBC heads , which are next to some Furd heads Going back the other way from the Ram Air head we see some cranks (all are forged) and some more cranks with a couple of Boss 302 heads Now since this building stays up only with proper planning the heavier stuff on the bottom is holding up the light weight stuff like cranks and heads on the top shelves. What's heavier? How about a hundred and fifty seven engines all pulled out of first gen Camaros (they were all parked out behind his mobile home in Riverview but the county accused him of running an illegal junk yard so he had to crush all the bodies. But here are some of the short blocks
He tells me he has two 302 factory original cross ram manifolds and a Weiand cross ram, as well as a few tunnel rams and of course desiccated Holley carbs to go with them cardboard boxes contain NOS parts from other speed shops he has bought out over the years and hasn't had time to inventory it all yet he says. Somebody was asking about M/T valve covers on this board two days ago. So

Jeff doesn't get out much anymore except to go yell at the VA about his disability status so the old delivery parts go fer is kind of rusting away

The sad part is I tell him people want this stuff but he wont believe me. Besides as he points out if he moved anything the whole pile would collapse. This by the way is one aisle out of five in the garage, and he keeps his good stuff in the house (like his collection of Playboy mags going back to 1963)

Lets all call him and wish him luck with his section eight
(before you try and enlarge the photo of the sign to read the phone number it is (813) 689-3040.
Big Dave
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Awesome collection. He needs to hire a trustworthy sales manager and list the stuff on boards and ebay so he can enjoy life with out depending soley on the disability check.

About 15 years ago I lost a deal on a wrecking yard purchase for the lack of a down payment. The yard was overflowing with complete and very desireable cars from the 30's into the 70's. There were also some later stuff but not in great numbers. Over the years I watched the cars disappear a part at a time knowing the 2 guys that had bought it were getting rich. BTW all I needed was $10k for the down, the total price was $100k (inventory only no land) and I bet they made that the first year. In hind site I should have sold and mortgaged everything I could, it would have returned 100 fold.
Hell he sounds like Chip Rollins from Ft. Myers, but Chip has started thinning down his collection of older stuff lately.

I agree that he needs to just inventory the stuff and e-bay it. The heads and stuff will bring a lot of cash.

Derek: Are you related to Chip or hang with the Rollins' alot? I saw you run Saturday between Pinks, well the first Pinks and the second non-Pinks, I don't think I would have raced the Ranger pickup either. No that it was quick, but I just wouldn't want to have to take it home. PM me. I want to chat about building a serious small block.

Just really good friends with them from my south Florida racing days, and we now all reside in north Florida. Yeah there were quite a few stories behind the Pinks runnings I overheard, but not my cup of tea, just can be entertaining to watch.

The track was good to me that night for the drag radials :D

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