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Nova_Guy said:
I would have used a torch; and set the pile on fire when I was done. Car Craft did that to a Caddy several years ago. It was a lot faster when they were done with it.

Ha !!! i remember that mag article... they did that right here by me at LACR (the Caddy) i still have in in my collection (about 25yrs worth :eek: )

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Not sure if this magazine still exists or if anyone remembers it but me but they did the same thing in a Mag called "Hot Street Cars" (the Summer of 1997 issue). They took a 4700lb Chrysler Imperial with a 413 wedge, (with a 17.21 ET/81.05 MPH) cut it up, caught it on fire a few times, and ended up with a 2680lb tire smoking Imp capable of blistering hot passes :rolleyes: of 12.77 ET/102.8 MPH

BTW they actually mention the story in HotRod called Caddy Hack(feb. '87)

Pretty funny story overall.:cool:

looks like it would be a blast to do someday:)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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