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I posted a new comer comment 3 days ago and it disappeared. Anyway, I bought a 1973 Nova Classic from a good friend who had hoped to install an LS3 engine in it. When he realized the trouble it might be, I offered to buy it from him and we swapped money for car.

The car has only 24K miles on it and I was skeptical at first. The story is that it was owned by an elderly lady who at some point passed it on to her grandson. He put headers and a Holley 4 barrel along with dual exhausts and that's what it has on it now. It runs great, no leaks, shifts well and is really fairly rust-free. There is a small rust hole in the rear quarter panel that should be fairly easy to fix and it needs painting. The upholstery is covered in thick clear plastic covers that remind me of the Fingerhut offerings of about that era. The upholstery under it looks new as best as I can see. I'm going to take the plastic off soon and see what I got.

I brought it home and spent just a couple hours cleaning what I could from the paint and surprisingly, it does not look bad at all. Since it's a survivor, I may just compound it, use a cleaner polish and wax it to see what it looks like.

The gas gage reads full at all times and the radio doesn't work. I am truly believing it's a genuine 24K car. I will post some pics soon.

If someone can help me trouble shoot the gas gage issue, I would appreciate it.
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