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RED67 said:
Hello all,new to the site:)

My 67 has an intermittent (aren't they all) wiring problem.

When the problem pops up all rear lights won't work and the dash is dark.
Everything else is fine and this condition comes and goes:(
Fuses are good,car has stock wiring,I'm lost on electrical.


I think you mentioned on "another" website(I wonder what that would be) that the gen light will glow when you are in reverse (activating the backup lights)...I would really look at a ground issue...the gen light can glow when you have ground issues...Hey on the "other site" in the originality forum there is a thread called weblink library...there is a link in there for early gen wiring might be able to see where all the grounds should be and trouble shoot them using the diagram...I think they stop at '66 but I suspect that the '67 diagram is very simular...good luck
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