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Are multi-stage nitrous kits outdated?
I have been looking at getting a nitrous kit for a while now. Studying and researching trying to learn all I can before the big move. As I was reading last night about progressive controllers a little light came on and I began to ask the question.

If you have a progressive controller that can control the amount of N02 and/or fuel by time, rpm, air/fuel mixture, boost, throttle position, etc., why do you need multiple stages of nitrous? Just buy a big kit and control the amount of flow with the controller.

Is there something I am not seeing here? Is there still a need for multi-stage nitrous kits?


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Neither are meant for the street, so on a race car I would have to agree with you. On the street those bigger injectors are harder to control it is a lot easier to pour on the coals than is to trim it back (they probably leak more NOS than a small 75 horse shot injector puts out). You really don't ever want to go lean.

I had only two stages on my car because I wanted to top a thousand horsepower and my motor was built for a table top flat torque curve, which meant I missed my goal by over two hundred horsepower.

Like I said I had lots of torque so getting off the line without flipping the car on it's roof, or spinning the tires was a problem. So I couldn't add nitrous until I had hit third gear and again when I went into OD. Yes it was geared way too high for this motor. So high that the tranny found OD at about a thousand feet, which was a real suspension tuning problem. But at the point, I had built the 582 I was beyond reluctant to crawl back under the car to change out the Dana 4.56 with a new posi and a new set of gears. I had already closed my shop with all of my garage based tools and lifts.

To change my gears you have to buy a different carrier, as the lowest gear I could mount would be a 3.73; and I really needed a 3.20 or lower which they don't make because a Dana 60's is built for trucks, so a 3.54 would be the best I could do with a two series carrier.

But getting back to three stages, that is strictly high end competition (hard to justify economically otherwise). The single big system with a controller is all part of the data logger system that allows you to follow your car's performance to see how it is reacting to the strip on race day. Like I said not street car kind of stuff.

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