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Just thought I would drop in and intro myself. I'm a machinist and fabricator, I love all forms of old chevy.

I own a 1969 Yenko Clone.....I know, I used to hate fakes too;)
Hugger orange, white stripes
496 bbc/th400/moser 12 bolt
The car was good for high 10's with the small block combo I had a few years back......should go high nines this time around.

I found this site while cruising google one day and thought I would join up, it might be a good site for parts and info.

I also own a 72 chevy pick up, 5 inch drop, hugger orange. Right now it has a gutless 350, but I'm building a street worthy 496 for it. It's kinda half cruiser, half tow rig for the Nova

My winter DD is an 88 Blazer with a 355, 4" lift and 35" bfg muds. Occasional trails and mud.

I have also owned:(at least the ones you guys might care about)
1976 Chevelle Laguna
1969 Chevelle...true SS car
1968 Chevelle 4 door...I bought it with 63k original...true granny car...and it would still beat a 99 civic with the 307 one barrel
1962 Corvair
1985 blazer....305's suck
1971 Chevy pick up.....used to bracket race it...and it was my full time dd...that didn't last long

Well, thats me in a nutshell......Hope to make some friends and see if I can't learn something...and probably buy more parts to further clog my basement.
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