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Newbie from PA

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Hi all. New to the site. Looks pretty cool. I have 3 Novas currently. A '72 SS w/355 t350 and 4.10 rear - runs 12.50 on street tires thru the muffs, fully restored. I have a '70 w/355 t350 and 3.73 rear that runs 12.35 on street tires thru the muffs. This is my race care project that I am partially restoring along the way. Need to get a bigger converter and steeper gears w/ET streets to get this thing deep into the 11's on the motor only. I also have a '68 bone stock original 6 cyl/powerglide car that's actually for sale in the classifieds.
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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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