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New track bests

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It was cold! And it sprinkled once.
So the track (here come the excuses) was not at all ideal. Temps in the mid 40's.....

Despite serious tire spin, I still managed new bests.
10.20 @ 132.75.

The 60ft clocks only worked occasionally, and the best I got was a 1.55....where 1.46 or so is usual.
Not sure if the new converter was helping or hurting that!
Best previous mph was 131.6 in similar conditions. 130 or so is typical. So maybe the new 3.5" exh picked up a few ponies as well.

Running right at 7000 at the finish my guess is that the new 9" ATI is a bit looser than the old 10" unit.

Tried the rear shocks on full stiff....that was a disaster. It seems that on a slick track...soft is good.

Also managed to cut .007, .002 and .000 lights!

If I can get the thing to just might tickle the nines, but it's going to have to be perfect conditions.

Given the conditions, I'm pleased with the results!

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Sweet run ! :thumbsup:
congrats ron ,any improvements is good to me with a little warmer weather on the track you will be there im sure.cold air is good but cold track and little prep sure makes for poor 60 ft times
Ron, that is pretty fast. A good night and some great driving might get you into the 9's for sure.

Good Luck :thumbsup:
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