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Hello Everyone.

I am new to this Site. This is where the new guy introduces himself.

I own a 1966 Nova SS as one can tell by my handle. I bought the car as a basket case in June of 1980. The car has a 350/350. Working towards the third paint job.

I had to sell my 1962 Chevy II 100 series in order to pay for the '66. I bought the '62 in August of 1968. The car came with the 154 cu. in. 4 banger and a powerglide. A year later I stuffed a '69 302 small block and a Muncie 4 speed into it.

I have been around many Novas over the years. One of my sons had a 1970 and a 1972 Nova. Both have been sold and are long gone.
I am glad to have found this place.

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