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Hello all, I have been reading a lot of the posts in here and I am pretty impressed. A lot of nice rides!
I own a '72 Rally Nova - 355ci Blown with a 142 blower. I am pretty much done with the powerplant (for now), mostly cosmetics and traction issues to address now. My goal is to build a cruiser that I can also take to the strip.

Pics of my ride can be seen here:
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i guess we should start up a thread over here on all the members rides..i like to see pics of these cars
Welcome aboard!! good lookin engine, what kind power you expecting to put down?
Welcome aboard!! good lookin engine, what kind power you expecting to put down?
At least 200hp ... haha! I am not sure whatsoever. I hate guestimating figures, but I would like to see high 400's low 500's out of it. She was running consistent 13.5's @ 100 mph with 91 octane @ Bandimere (5280') prior to the blower. SOP Dyno says it is a hell of a lot faster now, so we shall see.
Bandimere, that's in denver isn't it. I went there once when i was in school in wyoming!
Welcome Aboard! :thumbsup:
Thanks Everyone! Yup Bandimere is in Denver. I am on the western side of the state so my home track is Western Colorado Dragway.

Does anyone know what the best deal for a bolt on 4" Cowl Hood? I really need to can this hoodscoop.
The cheapest I have found so far on the hood was $490 shipped. I am not too happy with that price, but.....
Hello ,
I'm also new today, and i'm a nova nut. This looks like a fun and useful site. My nova is a 1972 ss, silver, black top w/skyroof. Its been pretty much a sunday driver for 15 years. I bought it in 1975 for $3200. When I retire , I am planning to take my sweet time and restore it. until then,I can do a few mods like, a new radiator, heater core, and redline tires. It still has the original rallys. I've been thinking maybe a 396 w/six-pac. The 350 six-pac thats in it now is a blast from the past. We don't have any drag strips here in alaska. So a fast run to the store is about as good as it gets. So, hello to everyone.:waving:
Welcome! Alaska, cool, I Lived in Homer, Alaska for a while. My oldest brother still lives up there. Sounds like your Nova is literally part of the family.
Welcome to the site. Nice looking hotrod ya got there. There are some very nice folks here that are more than willing to answer any questions you may have.

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