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New times from the track...

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con grats on the new best whats been done to the motor to get you there
Congrats! :beers:
New distributor. Old one had a lot of play and the timing varied.
The distributor helped pretty good huh? You must have a tight stall or spinning to have a 1.890 60ft. That engine sounds strong even on the video where it ran a 13.5 @101.
Spin city damn near every (can you say 2 step it) run 15-20 psi. Going lower next time and buddy sold me an underdrive pulley ( good for 1 mph and .1 inthe 1/4) so he said on his motor.... we'll see. 110 mph is good for 12.0 run, and I'm tryin' :D.

I think April 29 is next outting ?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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