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New Nova on Scene!

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I found this site from over on TeamChevelle. Hope to stick around a while and contribute what i can.

OK, here is a little intro on me. I'm 21 and have been around muscle cars my whole life. started when i was about 6 or 7 helping my dad restore a 1972 LT1 Corvette and thru the years many different little projects just learning here and there. In 2000 Dad picked up a slightly used 1967 Nova SS (me being 15 at the time) jumped in head first to help with the resto. We took it down as far as to have it acid dipped and painted on the rotisery (sp?). Three years later we had a finished product. (pics below) Mom had a 1970 Chevelle SS 396 red/black stripes, red interior, bench seat, auto on the column back in 1972 when my parents were dating. Long story short we tracked it down to a somewhere in Cali and can't find it from there. Last year we picked up duplicate, 1970 396/350 Red on red bench seat auto. everything original down to the motor and has all documentation. We are in the process of pulling the motor and trans to give it once over to make it reliable for mom to drive. (pics below) Just about 2 months ago i finally got to purchase my own pride and joy, a 1969 Nova SS. It's an all original 350 SS car, dover white with black vinyl top. Has had one repaint and a new top. The original 350 motor is out on a stand and has a hot little 406 in front of the factory mucie just as a play motor.

Basically grew up around these cars!!!

Here are some pictures. Let me know what you guys think!

Dads Vette, 1972 LT1 w/AC(bout two weeks ago, was painted in 1991)

Dads Nova 1967 Chevy II SS, Slightly Used :thumbsup:

3 years later.. a final product.

Moms 1970 Chevelle SS 396

My Nova, 1969 350 SS 4spd. All Documentation

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Very nice FAMILY collection. Impressive. :thumbsup:
nice looking nova..must be nice
I love it when a restorer pays close attention to detail... and it looks like
you guys did on all of the cars!

Very nice collection your family has! :thumbsup:

Very nice collection there!!! Impressive and great to see a family keeping cars alive!
Thanks for the Welcome guys!
Very nice cars. It is good to see a family have fun doing things together.
Beautiful collection of Chevys you guys have there. :thumbsup: Welcome.:)
nice nova. Can't see any of the pics of the others though, says it was deleted.
nice nova. Can't see any of the pics of the others though, says it was deleted.

psssst... the thread is dated Sept. of '06, time takes a toll sometimes ;)

i agree though, the '69 is a Nice looker ;)
hard to believe that was 2 years ago.
hard to believe that was 2 years ago.
I know, it's been a roller coaster since i posted this!!

Work picked up, i moved to gulfport, ms and one thing led to another. Since i got the car in late august 06 i've driven the car to 1 cruise in and maybe up the road about 3 or 4 miles. About 3 weeks ago i finally got some time and started to mess with the Nova again. The starter had problems since i got the car, about every 4th time turning the engine over it would grind real bad. Finally i pulled the starter and turned the flywheel. It was torn up pretty bad over some of the flywheel. I pulled the transmission, clutch and flywheel. The pinion gear on the starter was also messed up. I ordered a new centerforce dual friction clutch, hays billet flywheel, throw out bearing, new gear for the csr starter and lakewood u joints for the d-shaft. Got everything in and ready to roll.

Here are some pics taken last weekend!!

On the lift pulling the trans/clutch. Dads 68 Camaro in front.

Outside the shop with the Terminator!!

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Here are the pics that were moved in post 1


Dads Vette, 1972 LT1 w/AC(painted in 1991) This car i now in the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky!

Dads Nova 1967 Chevy II SS, Slightly Used

3 years later.. a final product.

Moms 1970 Chevelle SS 396

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wow the cars look great. The 03 or 04 cobra is nice too:D
Thanks... the cobra is a fun car for sure!!

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