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Hello everyone!
I am doing a mild restoration on a friends 1979 Phoenix and was thrilled to find this forum.

Here's my story:

I learned to drive primarily on my mothers car, a 1970 Nova SS 350.
When I was 9-10 years old, I was well over 5' tall and looked much older.

This was the very end of the 70s and my mother felt the "safe" and "appropriate" thing would be to teach me to drive, literally so that we could get home from parties and what not (yes, I was the full time DD).

Well, my mother taught me to drive, later on my grandmother taught me to "DRIVE" (powershifting, racing lines, preloading suspension in turns, etc) but, that is another story.

So it come to 1982.
At this point I was 11 years old and REALLY wanted to go to the Worlds Fair in Knoxville, TN.

I'd had a subscription to Popular Science (As well as Hot Rod) for years and although it was over 750 miles away, I knew I absolutely had to go.

My mother was not interested, so, I decided to go on my own.....with the Nova.

I spent months planning my route in an atlas and when the time came, I recruited a friend to go with me, ONLY because I was not strong enough to move the car out of the driveway without starting it.

Long story short, I made it well over halfway before my friend did some dumb shit at a gas station out side of Chicago and drew attention to us.

We spent the day at the police station while two Michigan state troopers drove down there to get us and the car, and we convoyed back home.

That's right, the police came and got us and drove the car back.

Oh, those were different times, for sure.
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